Tuesday, May 21, 2013

XBOX One Info

XBOX1 is HERE!!!

XBOX 1 has finally been announced today, and it is looking as if it's shaping up to be something more than just a game console. As a gamer I'm split about how this makes me feel. I am very interested in the fact that the new XBOX1 Kinect will come bundled with the console, and now has some brand new voice activated tricks, such as changing back and forth from TV to a Game to a song, just by telling it to do so. 

Now comes the real question, will it work like how they promised? The fact is, Microsoft has a habit of releasing consoles before they're completely ready. If don't believe that, just remember back to the good old days of The Red Ring of Death. Microsoft didn't reveal many games for the new XBOX1 console. For the most part they simply showed sports games, and racing games. FIFA, Madden NFL, and Forza, are all supposed to be launch day releases. 

 The Call of Duty: Ghosts preview had the crowd blown away. It seems that this time the XBOX1 Kinect might actually prove useful in a traditional style game. The release date for the XBOX1 has been made official, but it's clear it's going to be this Holiday 2013. 

On top of that, there are many big game studios announcing games for the new XBOX1 console including Ubisoft and their new IPO Watch Dogs, which is slated to be released at the same time as the new console.

Who knows what we'll be lucky to see this E3 as Microsoft has announced 15 launch games, including 8 brand new titles. 

We can assume games such as Metal Gear 5 The Phantom Pain, as well as blockbusters like Rockstar's GTA5 will also appear for the consoles, and more than likely will push those games graphics far higher than that of PS3 and BOX 360 versions of the game. 

Time will only tell what beautiful games we'll be seeing in the next decade to come.

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